Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Look Who's Walking!

YesBeanie can WALK!  So proud and happy for my little boy!  You can see how happy he was!  Well done my baby!


Angie said...

Soon you will be playing catching with your gorgor and jiejie!!!!

Lydia said...

LZmommy~ I'm so, so touched seeing beanie walking! Love how excited he is walking towards you... Love how he pulled himself up to walk... Love how you said Good Job! Yes, gonna miss the sight of him crawling... this is the greatest milestone ever for a baby! Beanie is so cute! Love him!! :)

blurblur said...

Awww....another milestone...hé's growing real fast...no longer the little baby...

Beautiful Love said...

Seems like yesterday when the gender guessing was on. Now Beanie is walking!!!

Happy Bonding!

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