Friday, February 19, 2010

Bento #155 (2 sets)

L's Bento

Z's Bento
In the boxes: sausages with buns, strawberries, pineapple tart (L) & kueh punkit(Z).

I wanted to just place the sausages into the buns but it looked so plain... So I did this instead..  LZ loves it and they think it is cute little rats.  Actually, I hv no idea what I made but since LZ think it is rat, then it shall be.


Rachel said...


Angeline said...

I can't control but gave a big happy laugh!
I think like your kids too. Can you be my Godma? *giggle*
Its 3 little cutie rats!
Love it!

blurblur said...

Yeah, I thought it looks like rat too!! :)

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