Wednesday, February 17, 2010

LZ @ River Hong Bao

LZdaddy surprised LZ by bringing us to River Hong Bao! We had a great time strolling along the Esplanade too, which L likes to call it "Durian".  L & Z were most excited about the rides and again, Beanie fell asleep midway.  Now you know why it is easy for me to handle 3 of them alone when we are out.  Beanie either sleeps or eats throughout for now... Not sure if he will be as well behaves when he is older.

This is my favourite pic of the day!

My princess loves to take pics and gives me lots of different poses.  I'm thinking if I should cut down on posting her pics now that she is older... Never know who is reading our blog or maybe I should make it private??  I'm thinking if I should do that...
My rascal Z doesn't lose out to his sister... Nowadays he shows martial art pose or hip hop pose.
Little Beanie yet to know how to pose for me and he didn't take many pic coz he fell asleep. This is his FIRST time to Esplanade! 
Some random pics of our day out...


Jan said...

I especially like the first photo you posted of the 3 kids....perhaps you should make this blog private since the kids are growing up and very fast too....but make sure you give us private access....heehee....perhaps I should make mine private too soon but am not to IT savy so may need some guidance from you....heehee

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