Friday, February 26, 2010

Sibling Love - For Our Baby Brother

I have to note down about what LZ did few days ago (22nd Feb)...  L & Z wanted to buy Beanie a birthday present each.  My plan was to give each of them a small amount and let them choose what they want for him.

Before we were ready to go, I saw both of them took out their savings from their piggy banks, started counting how much money they have and discussing how much they should bring along.  I told them my plan but both declined and said they should buy Beanie's presents with their pocket money.  Aiyo...  They are soooo SWEET! I offered to pay for them first but again, they said no.  They want to pay it themselves.  I wish I have taken pics of LZ making the payments and how they choose the presents.

Every time they see something that they think he likes, they showed it to me and we discussed but I told them not to get something too expensive and explained that it is the thought that counts.  There were so many things that they wanted to buy for him but some were too expensive.  Of coz the final decision goes to them, which was within the budget that I set. 

They brought quite a bit of coins and dollar notes along with them and I wanted to help them when they pay but they said no again.  I can see that both of them truly enjoyed buying things for their baby brother and the excitement is written all over their faces! Hahaha...  They struggled a little (counting the coins) and the cashier was very kind not to rush them and helped to wrap up the presents.  I was glad we went on a weekday... I can imagine what it will be like if it was a weekends. They wanted to buy cute wrapper but I told them not to...  I'm sure Beanie doesn't mind the wrapper from the store.

When we left the mall, both of them insisted to carry the little paper bag containing their baby brother's gift.  They are definitely more excited than Beanie on his birthday.  I know I have said it many times, but I can't help saying it again...  I am very blessed to have my 3 babies who loves each other so much and I hope they will love each other as much or more when they grow up.


Blessed mum said...

beanie so lucky to have 2 of them loving and doting him so much!

Angie said...

L and Z are really so sweeeet~~

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