Friday, February 05, 2010

Bento #152

L's Bento

Z's Bento
In the boxes: Strawberries, grapes, pancakes, fish & crab shaped sausages.  Containers with syrup.
The bento-s was ready in 15 mins, which is very fast for me.  I usually take longer than that coz I got to prepare their breakfast, get them ready as well.

I cooked too much of the pancakes that Beanie & I had it for breakfast too.


Blessed mum said...

always wonder how u squeeze so many things in there! amazing!

hmm..really must meet up one of these Tuesday and hear you out..thot the helper is ok?

When L going back to the enrichment class?

Lydia said...

Those fish & crab shaped sausages are really creative! You must have scored A+ in arts & crafts~ :) And a super-mommy too... preparing breakfast and getting them ready at the same time! Phew~

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