Monday, February 22, 2010

Bento #156

In the box: Peanut butter car shaped wholemeal sandwiches, pretzels and orange.

Nowadays, I have to prepare bento or snack box everyday, at least once for Z.  For a couple of days, when I asked him what he had for recess, he said watermelon or nothing.  I asked him why... He said the queue too long and he prefers snacks that I packed for him.  Aiyo...  How not to pack for him?

He told me recently that his classmates like to look at his bento and I can sensed that he is very proud of it.  His smile said it all! But I told him I won't be making cute bento everyday since he will be having it everyday.  Coz I will run out of ideas but I will try! 


Angie said...

this comment has nth to do with the bento but i just want to comment that L is looking more and more like her mommy!:D

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