Sunday, February 28, 2010

Beanie's 1st Birthday Party

Beanie celebrated his FIRST Birthday with our families from both sides and one of our close friends.  Beanie is very blessed, or rather all my children. They are surrounded by family members who love them and shower them with lots of attention.

We ordered from the same catering from his full month celebration.  My cousins helped to blow balloons and decorate the function room.  I ordered the cookies together with the cake and they were a hit!
LZ thought of games to play at the party and we only managed to play 1 game coz they were extremely tired after the waterplay, bubbles fun and running around. We played treasure hunt, which L suggested.  I had to 'shoo' them to the playground in order to hide the treasure, chocolates & candies.  I think they had more fun than the birthday boy!
Beanie, obviously was the star of the day!  He was too busy walking around, being carried by our family members and eating!  He ate so much sushi!
He wanted me to carry him whenever he sees me and I was glad many of them took care of him while I was recording videos and taking pics.
He likes to watch Bob the Builder and gets excited when he hears the song.  So for his birthday, I ordered a 'Bob the Builder' chocolate fondant cake for him.  He was so HAPPY! 
Beanie sat on the table with the birthday cake and I think he enjoyed it! As it was a fondant cake, we didn't have to worry about him 'destroying' the cake.  He was happily playing with the fondant Bob and broke Bob's head!  Hahaha...  Of coz I was able to put it back easily.
The embarrassing moment was after singing the birthday songs, we forgot about the knife!  Everyone waited while the helper went back to get one.  While waiting, I think it was my SIL suggested letting Beanie play with the cake.  She guided him how to 'dig' a hole on the cake!  AND he ate it!  So cute!
Before I end this post, here's the pic of what Beanie did to the cake!


Little Kit Boy said...

Hi LZ Mommy. I'm Jenny and this is the first time dropping a line here despite the fact after following your blog for quite some time.

Wow...the birthday cake is so nice and looks very de delicious. Oh..what a lucky Beanie to have so many family members and friends to love him.

I hereby wish little Beanie a Happy Birthday.

Aces Family said...

Happy belated 1st year old to beanie...such warmth & happiness from the celebration..: )

Wishing him happiness & joys in his growing years..


Shana said...

Happy Belated birthday to the Birthday Boy!

Btw, may I know which caterer you used? I'm looking for one for my boy full mth party. ^_^

Lydia said...

WOW! What a super duper awesome cake!! And a lovely FIRST birthday party! Beanie is soooooo blessed~ :)

LZmommy said...

Little Kit Boy
Thank you for leaving comment and well wishes :)

Glad that you leave a comment, now I know you are one of them who read my blog :) Do drop by again ya :)


Thank you Astee :)

Thank you Shana :)

I ordered from
Service quite good and food is good too :)

Yeah, I love the cake too! :)

bits-n-bites said...

Happy belated birthday to Beanie! He is so cute, chubby and tough, think you really feed him well! "P

By the way, do you mind me asking where you get his birthday cake and the cookie please?

LZmommy said...

Hi bits-n-bites

Thank you and I think your baby princess is chubbier! :)

do u hv mind if I email the contact to you?

blurblur said...

Beanie is So cute!! THe cake is so lovely, I bet it taste yummy!! :))

Here wishing Beanie a very happy birthday and may he be blessed with good health and happiness!! :)

Hehe...sorry I'm so late in my wishes.. :P

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