Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beanie Is ONE!

My Beanie boy is ONE today!  My little baby is growing too fast!  No matter how time flies and how old he is, he is always my baby, just like LZ.

I will writing his monthly update at a later time.  For now, let's the pics say it all!

As soon as Z got home from school,  he gave Beanie the present (I will write another post on this).  You can see Beanie was so engrossed in opening his present.

After having our lunch at home, we picked L from school and we went to Polliwogs!

When we first arrived, Beanie was busied looking around and wasn't that keen to explore.  It was his FIRST time to a play gym.  Once he warmed up, he was walking everywhere and climbing up the obstacles! 

LZ had lots of fun too!  L met one of ballet friend and her brother.  They all had fun running around and once awhile, they did remembered it was their baby brother's special day and spent time playing with him.

After play, we went to one of our favourite Japanese restaurants for dinner.  Besides having his home-cooked dinner, Beanie tried some of the food too, udon, sushi & edamame.

Before heading home, we bought him a birthday cake, CJ7! So cute right? He was so cool! Smiling when we sang birthday song and helped himself to the cake.

Last but not least, L gave the present to Beanie.  Love the pic of her kissing him! 

We had a wonderful time and Polliwogs was quite a nice place to hang out exept when we saw a little girl fractured her arm, we were kind of worried that it would happen to Z again...

I will post up a video of Beanie having fun when I have the time to edit it.

Happy Birthday my Beanie boy! We all love you very much!


Oliveoylz said...

Beanie looks so handsome in the first pic...Just like a little BOSS in his collared shirt! Oh, and such a cute cake for a 1 yr old :)

Angie said...

happy birthday, sweetie!!

Miche said...

Happy Belated Birthday Beanie. And boy, you are well fed. hahahaha.

kelly said...

Ah, Beanie is one already, time flies! Happy belated birthday little handsome...:)

Blessed mum said...

Happy belated birthday, beanie!

the cake looks yummy! and LZ is so sweet!

MomsyWorld said...

Blessed belated to Beanie!! He is such a lucky boy with all the love from both doting LZ :)

Lydia said...

Once again, Beanie is really blessed with doting siblings on top of his doting mama & papa. Lovely memories of the day he turned ONE! :)

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