Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY Day 1 & 2

CNY Day 1
Last year during CNY, I was heavily pregnant with Beanie...  Wondering if he will come out early...  Look at Beanie now! He is turning 1 yr old and all set for CNY with his costume.  My 2 older ones, are so happy to have their little brother with them and they 'fight' to hold his hand to walk with him.

This is Beanie's FIRST CNY, his FIRST time 捞鱼生, LZfamily FIRST time celebrating CNY as a family of 5! 

See my Z's hair?  This little rascal of mine was very happy that I was able to style his hair the way he wants. spiky!  Oh Did you see my gal's shoes?  L asked for boots this new year and I thought she looked great with it.
CNY Day 2
Visiting, eat, drink, chats... That's what we have been doing for the past 2 days...  Tired....


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