Monday, February 22, 2010

Bento #157 (2 sets)

Their bento lunch for today!

In the boxes: Rice, sea creatures shaped sausages, sugar beans, prawn paste on toast, orange and strawberries. 

Quite a easy lunch to prepare today since I prepared the prawn paste last night.  This morning, I just have to put it on the bread and bake it.  LZdaddy told me to fry it but I thought it would be healthier to bake it and it taste just as good.  For the sugar beans, I blanched it since LZ don't mind having it this way. 

I think I have never mention it before, LZdaddy is quite a good cook. I especially love to eat the steamed clams that he prepares! He seldom cooks coz I don't like it when he use the kitchen, it is quite messy! But now that we have a helper, I don't mind coz I don't have to clean it. Hehe....  Sometimes when I have no idea what to cook, he will give me suggestions.  I have lots of cookbooks but just too lazy to go through it at times.  Oops!  Better not talk too much about him coz he may read this post.


Jan said...

Luckily LZ....blessed with a mummy who puts in so much effort to prepare lovely bento lunch boxes for them. :)

Beautiful Love said...

Hee so the Master Chief is Master of the house leh :p

Angie said...

u made your own prawn paste?

Angeline said...

You two have such good fingers with food, what a perfect couple!
I love the 'winking' one best!

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