Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Day Out With Me

Z did not go to school today and we went to orchard rd to meet my friend. I felt bad that I had to bring him out with me when he has not fully recovered but I will be busy next week and I may not have time to look for the clothes. My cousin's wedding is near and they are going to be the flower girl & page boy. Before we left the house, I told him to choose a few cars to bring along. Then he asked:"What abt Jiejie?" Very sweet of him to think of L when we were going out.

After shopping for awhile, we had late lunch at one of the cafe and Z can't resist the temptation to have a choc cake. Then we took MRT, it was Z 2nd time taking the ride and he was very excited (though it was only 1 station)!

I'm glad that he was with me today. It has been quite a while since I brought him out alone. I used to do that very often with L. My friend said that he was well behaved, waiting for us while we were busied looking at the clothes in the shops and playing on his own while we were having tea. I told her that's because Jiejie was not with him to commit 'crime' together. Gagaga...


Anonymous said...

He must have enjoyed his quality time with mummy....kekeke....yaya...i agree...when the 2 are apart, they are usually very well behaved but once they are together....oh my goodness...anything can happen!!! lol

LZmommy said...

He did enjoyed himself! :) Remember the baby powder incident? *FAINT* That's what happen when they are together! :O

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