Thursday, September 28, 2006

Day Out With Mommy

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We had a great time shopping with Doreen! Finally bought her shoes for my cousin's wedding. She was soooo tired that she fell asleep while on the way to dinner with Daddy & Z.

L took MRT a few times with Porpor but not with me. So today Doreen said we should take MRT! Decided to buy her a child EZ link card. Now L is the only one in the family with the card! I used to have one but I lost it :( Doreen and L were having fun teasing me... Coz mommy doesn't know how to take MRT ( just lazy lah... ;))

It was great that I'm spending time with her again.... I asked her if she would like to do it again and when she grow up, will she do it too, her answer was "YES! I love to go out with mommy!"

Daddy said Z missed us... When Daddy picked him up, he asked where's jiejie & mommy. I felt guilty.... We will spend our weekends 'sticking' together then ;)


Jan said...

L really loves to pose for the camera she looks great, very photogenic

nevermind lar, don't feel bad, next time you spend time with Z and L does it with daddy lor....kekeke

MyBabies said...

Thank you for your compliments! :) It's true that she likes to take pixs. But sometimes I took so much pixs of her that she has to tell me to stop. Hehehe... Very different from Z, he doen't like to take pix at all.

Ya.... Will try to spend tiome with Z too. Lately he has been vy close to daddy.

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