Friday, September 15, 2006

It's Just A Toy

While showering for L, Daddy had this 'cute' conversation with her.

L : Daddy, I want to shower for my doll
Daddy : No, you can't shower for your doll because it's too cold
L : Daddy, this is not real, it's just a toy!
Daddy : Then it's not necessary to shower for your doll!
L : Hahaha.....

She is sooo funny! This reminds me of a conversation she had with our family doctor more than a yr ago. She brought a toy to the clinic to show Dr S. Same thing happen....

She said:" Dr, you see my toy" ( she moved the plane like it was flying)
Dr S said:" Wow! Your plane can fly!"
L : Dr, this is just a toy!


Anonymous said...

don't under-estimate her intelligence...ekekekeke

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