Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I Love U Daddy....

Daddy & L had this conversation after their bedtime stories.

L : Daddy........
DH : Yes, sweetie?
L : I love u
DH : I love u too.... Pls be a good girl, daddy doesn't like to scold or punish you, ok!. Sorry if I have shouted or scolded you........ ( DH felt bad for scolding her at times)
L : Daddy, is ok, don't say sorry. Becos' I need to be scolded when I am naughty. So please don't say sorry...........

She is such a darling! We love her sooooo much! She always say things that melt our heart.

ps: This post is writted by DH. Coz I forgot the exact words that she used and I kept asking him to repeat.


Anonymous said...

She is very bright and thinks well for her age! Such a lovely girl.


MyBabies said...

Thanks KC :)

Jan said...

oh my goodness....she is so so considerate...simply a darling.

I realised she is really close to her daddy fact, realised both your kids also very close to their daddy....perhaps daddy spends a considerable amount of time with nice!

MyBabies said...

Ya lor... How to be angry with her when she's naughty? :)

He used to work late almost every night and sometimes he go bk to office on weekends. Then I have a talk with him and that probably have changed him. I also tell them daddy work very hard to provide for them. If he's bk home before bedtime, we will read stories together.

It's not the quantity time that they spent together that count but the quality times. :)

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