Wednesday, September 27, 2006

An Evening Out With Me

L supposed to have a haircut this evening, but then we realised that they charge $16 just to cut the fringe! So decided to go back to our regular hairdresser another day.

I was glad to be able to spend some times alone with L, looking at things, laughing at little things that we saw etc.... Really missed it.... We had a good time together. I hope when she grow up, she will look forward to going out with me too.

As for Z, he was spending time alone with Daddy.


Jan said...

it's good that you can get to spend some alone time with L and likewise with Z.

I doubt I would be able to do that with my kids, both my kids are too too attached to me.....dunno when that day will come!!!

MyBabies said...

Maybe u can ask arrange with your Mom. :) I ask my Mom for help if I want to spend time alone with either one.

They are very attached to me too. But I explained to them that I need to spend time alone with each of them and they seem to understand.

Jan said...

errr....tried before, failed...haiz....without me, they don't want anyone else....after sometime, I just gave up trying....even throw rubbish, they follow me cos they are worried i go away....they understand but cannot accept...kekekek

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