Monday, September 25, 2006

It Happened Again!

L came bk with a scratched mark on her arm on Friday (22/09/06) and she told me that it was her Chinese teacher who did this. I was disappointed that no one called, write notes in her book or email me regarding this.

L told me that she was naughty and Ms Z pulled her by the arm and scratched her. Ms Z was trying to stop her from playing with the mattresses after they woke up from their nap. While she was having her afternoon snack, Ms Z applied some cream for her.

When I arrived at the school this morning, Ms Z apologised to me for what happened. I told her that I was unhappy that no one informed me abt what happened and I got to find out from my girl again. This is not right! According to her, she has informed the principal (P) abt it and P asked her to give us a call which she failed to do it. She was very very busy and it slipped her mind. Of coz she forgot! This teacher is overload with 2 classes in her hand! She should have write a note or called us during weekends and not wait till Monday!

I can't put all the blames on the teacher but the school should have done something instead of overloading the teachers. I am extremely disappointed.... Soon.... We'll do something abt it.....


Jan said...

oh, looks like a pretty bad scratch leh...anyway, this seems to be the problem with lots of school (esp childcares centres)....recently the teachers turnover in Learning vision is also very high.....I don't see the equal number of new teacher coming in versus the number of old teachers leaving.....every teacher is now overloaded and i don't think it's right!!!

I don't even know who's teaching the rays now!!!

MyBabies said...

Haiz... U know what? the Principal had to take 2 classes too! They have enough teachers for Z classes but not for the kindergarten level. Hope I can resolve the issue soon....

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