Friday, September 01, 2006

Play Date

Louisa invited us to her house today for a play date.... I told L abt it only in the morning. If I've told her earlier, she would be bugging me throughout the week. :)

When we arrived, Rachel gave us a very warm welcome. The girls started chatting away while my boy started playing the toys. Louisa was a GREAT host, she planned lots of things for our kids to do and cooked yummy prawn noodles for lunch. Rachel & L even planned a performance for us! While they were performing, we were busied with our camera. Z was trying to figure out what is these 2 jiejie trying to sing. Gagaga....

When it was time to go home, L & Z reminded me to bring home those paintings that they did. They were sooo tired that as soon as we reached home, both fell asleep.

L with her best friendHer 1st scrapbook page


Jan said...

play date.....we have play group dates where many more kids group and play together.....alot more messier and hard to date maybe a better idea...kekekek

MyBabies said...

Ya... I prefer play date :) Though there was only 4 of them it's very noisy liao.... When we attend bday parties that's what happened. Can *FAINT* right? :)

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