Monday, September 11, 2006


Z was running a fever so brought him to the doc again this evening. Doctor S said that is because he didn't take his antibiotic. He apologised for giving us that antibiotic but I don't blamed him. I was given a choice of antibiotics, 1 that taste ok but may take longer to recover or the other that taste horrible but most effective, we chose the latter. I was worried if that is pneumonia, Doctor said it is upper respiratory infection and not that.

Z vomited the medicine each time he took it. It hurt to see that..... Whenever it was time to feed him, he will point to the white bottle and said,"I don't want that!" We brought the medicine along to change. When Z saw the Doctor S, he gave it to him and told him that he doesn't like it.

His fever has subsided in the night..... Let hope his temperature will not go up again tomorrow, otherwise he will have to go for a blood test. My poor boy, I hope u will recover soon. It hurt to see u taking so many kinds of medicine. It took us a long time to coax him to take the new antibiotic coz it was a white bottle again. :(


Jan said...

aiyo...poor thing leh....sayang sayang....pray hard hard...hope for speed recovery.

MyBabies said...

Thank u... Very sweet of u...

Anonymous said...

yeee, i post something this morning but i think must be approved by the blog author. I tried as annoymous...

Hope yr kid get well soon.


MyBabies said...

Thanks KC... He's better now. :)

elaine said...

Hope he get will soon!
My girl was on augmentin. Didnt taste awful and quite effective.

Take care!

crazymommy said...

Glad to know that he is better now.

Seem like Singapore doctors like to prescribe antibotics ah... The doc here in US always refused to give any medication to young children, except for medicine for reducing fever.

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