Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Picture For Z

L asked me this morning,"mommy can I make a card for Didi?"
Me : Of course, sweetie!
L : mommy, do u remember I made a card for him when he was sick?
Me : Sure I remembered! Let me show u.... (it was clipped at the window)
L : Can I draw for him?
Me : U can draw or make a card for him. I'm sure didi will like it.
L : OK! I will do it this afternoon in school

Her chinese teacher told me (when I pick her up) that L went to ask Ms S how to spell her brother's name (L knew that she was Z's teacher) .

pic that she did this afternoon.... Funny hor? She wrote didi's name and 'I love mummy'. When I asked her, she can't explained it :) Hmmmm.... She think of me too much liao... Hehehe... My sweet little girl, thank you for drawing this pic to cheer Z up!

This was the card she did for Z some time ago....


Anonymous said...

sibling love, it's so SWEET...beyond words description......sniff sniff...so touching!

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