Thursday, September 21, 2006


In the evening at abt 8pm, we went to the church for rehearsal. L was very excited, asked if she can wear the dress tonight. Told her the dress is for the actual day. Z was excited too coz we were going out.

Samuel & Jac looked so calm during the rehearsal. Wait til the day arrived! Hehehe...

It was very sweet of Jac to plan to let them be in the front row but they have no experience at all so told her that it would be better if they were the second pair (they have 2 pairs of children). The other girl, Cassandra, has been a flower girl for 5 times! The boy, Ryan is older too. Ryan's mommy and me were thinking that Ryan & L will look better together but I was concerned for my boy. At least I know that he will most likely listen to Jiejie.

While waiting to walk down the aisle, L was reminding Z to hold on to her hand and to behave. When I saw this, I can't help smiling. When it was time for them to walk down the aisle, Z insisted that I walk with them. *FAINT* He was alright initially, holding Jieijie's hand and waiting to walk but probably waited too long that he changed his mind. L was upset....

The subsequent practice, he was alright. Know why? I put a small packet of Ribena sweet in his pocket, told him that if he can walk down the aisle, I will open it for him. Gagaga.... It worked! On that day, I'll have to get lots of sweets to 'bribe' him! They need to do it twice, church & dinner. That will probably be the only day that they have unlimited sweets! Hope they will be alright on that day if not will have to pull them out.


Anonymous said...

don't worry, have faith in your kids...they will do just fine....just take lots of pictures of them to reward us.....kekeke

LZmommy said...

Thanks... Will do that and as a kiasu mommy, I will take my video cam along! Hopefully they will do just fine..

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