Sunday, September 03, 2006

Windmill Project

L has been asking me when are we going to do the windmill so decided to do it today. Got this idea from the Disney programme, Out Of The Box. Thought that I could remembered all the steps but I forgot the most important part, which was how to stick the straw to the back. Haiz... Sign of old age.

We used:

  • construction papers (square shape)
  • scissors
  • paper fasteners
  • beads
  • straws

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingL drew some pics and put stickers on the construction paper. Z did stamping and put stickers on his.

- Fold the paper in triangle shape and cut according to the line (do not cut to the end, leave a gap).

- Then take alternate corners and punch holes at the tip (don forget to punch hole in the centre of the paper & make sure that the hole are big enough for the fastener to go ard).

-Put fastener and 1 bead (for the weight). I cut the tip of the straw into half so that I can stick it on the bead.

We were happy with the results. They were running ard with it and guess what? The windmills can turn leh!


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