Monday, September 25, 2006

Mobilekids Tour

We went for the Mobilekids Tour this afternoon. It is a new concept to teach the children abt road safety. Thanks to my friend! L & Z looked forward to it. Z probably was the youngest player as the games are for children from P1 to P6. L was very serious while playing the games.

Do you know what's a kerb drill? U probably will think it is "look left then right". No! It's "look right, left then right again" Think abt it... When you are standing by the side of the road (in S'pore), vehicles are coming from which direction? When we are using the road, we have to listen too. Why? Coz sometimes our views are blocked or there are cars coming from the back. By listening, it will tell us the speed & direction of the vehicles and we will avoid being hit.

I would like to thank the facilitators for taking good care of them! While we were on our way home, L pointed to those people that have committed traffic mistakes. Gagaga... I'm very glad that she learned something from the trip!


Anonymous said...

reminds me of the old road safely park at east coast park we used to go during our primary school days!!!

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