Friday, November 03, 2006

L's First Ballet Lesson

L went for her 1ST ballet this evening. She was very excited, so am I! We were there 20mins before lesson start. I asked her teacher if it was alright for me to stay with her during the lesson and how glad I was when she said OK. When the lesson just started, L was a little shy but slowly she warmed up and I can see smile on her face.

Then I decided to leave her with her class and waited outside for her. After the lesson, I asked her teacher how was my girl. She said that she was very well behaved and she can foolow instructions very well! Well done Sweetie! When I was changing for her, I asked her if she enjoyed the class. She said she loves it! I think we have made the right choice to sign her up for ballet. :)


Anonymous said...

Your gal looks so sweet in the ballet costume...where is her lesson held? Was so thinking of letting my gal for ballet lesson when she grows older.


Jan said...

Ballet, so you ya....kekeke

MyBabies said...

Thank you! :) the lesson is at Yamaha. They have Bebe ballet too if you want your girl to learn.

Ya... Gagaga... I used to learn it when I was a little girl too.

kelly said...

Your girl looks so adorable in the ballet costumes.. You must be very proud of her ya?

Mama Bliss said...

oooh ballet - absolutely sweet and graceful... kekeke

pity i hv a boy, otherwise i'll send my child for ballet lesson too teehehehe

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