Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I Want Eat Veggie!

When Z was younger, he ate whatever I cooked. Then since last year, he told us that he doesn't like veggie and he doesn't want to eat it. I will still put it in his bowl and cut it really fine. Most of the times he will try to remove it. We try not to force him to eat, if he really doesn't want, we will remove it. Then we said "you know, when you eat veggie, you will be strong and healthy."

While having dinner just now, he said "mommy, I want to eat veggie!" Huh? Did he really say that? I asked him again... He said " See mommy? I eat veggie! I want to be strong and tall!" That's a great news! My boy is eating veggie!


huisia said...

Why most of the kids hate vege? Hehe...actually i hate too! But i still force my son to eat, mommy so bad la.

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