Sunday, March 04, 2007

Baking Time

Lately L has been saying that we have not been baking for a long time. So today I decided to bake cookies with them, wanted to make cupcakes with them but I was kind of lazy.... That will take more time and that means more things to wash too. Sorry babies.....

As usual, they had fun. L was with me throughout the process while Z was watching TV. Then he realised that we were having fun and he decided to join us. "My turn! My turn!" :)

L broke a plate. I was glad that she was not hurt.... She was so afraid that I will scold her (which I did). I was not angry that she broke it but at that moment, I was worried that she might hurt herself and I blamed myself for asking her to bring it to the kitchen. I'm very sorry Sweetie....... :(

Look messy right? That's their creation! It's super yummy!


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