Saturday, November 17, 2007

Let's Exercise!

Do they look pro? :)

We have not been exercising for a while.. Together with godparents, we played badminton in the afternoon :) LZ missed both of them as we have not seen them for a while... Godpa was very sweet to teach L the techniques. I hope she will be able to join us soon, instead of sitting at the side :) But first, I have to get smaller rackets for both...

When I was not playing, Z was holding on to my racket and my heart ache every time he hits it on the floor! Apart from this, we had fun playing double with godparents and with our babies :) Hitting the shuttlecock to them and looking at them trying to hit it with the rackets. It was indeed a good exercise for all of us!


Jan Lee said...

I am really sua ku lor....i didn't even knew there were smaller rackets....heehee

LZmommy said...

I have never heard of it too. That's what godpa said :) Unless he is lying to me :)

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