Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Who Is The Best?

Whenever I am on the bed, both of them, especially Z would lie/sit on back and give me massage. 4 days ago, both fight to sit on my back (again).... And they also argue who give mommy the best massage...

Z : Mommy said I very good!

L : Mommy said I am very good!

Z : No! I am the best!

L : Not you! I AM the best!

LZ : Mommy, who give you the best massage?

Me : Both of you are the best!

LZ : NO! MEeeeee!

Me : Ok ok.... Why not both of you take turn to massage for me now? Then I can tell you who is the best.
So smart right? Hehehe....

LZ : OK! Me first!

They argued over this too... Well, I benefit from it! Both work very hard to give me a good massage! Hahaha.... So who is the best? I didn't tell them and they forgot about it after that :)

After reading my blog, my friend commented that my kids are so good, they don't fight like her girls. See? Who say they don't fight? They do :) It just that they fight over very trivial things that I don't note it down :)

It is a joy having both of them around!


LHS said...

wow, both of them are so nice to you. good need to spend money to massage center. :)

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