Thursday, January 31, 2008

L's Spelling/听写

L got her 1st P1 spelling tests for her English & Chinese last Friday and she scored full marks for both! Well done Sweetie!

For 听写, they don't write the Chinese character but the hanyupinyin.

  • a(1) 阿
  • o(1) 喔
  • e(2) 鹅
  • yi(1) 一
  • wu(3) 五
  • yu(3) 雨
  • yi(4) 义
  • wa(2) 娃
  • wo(3) 我
  • ya(2) 牙

  • I think she has tougher 听写 during K2, which she has to write the Chinese character. I think have to practice the writing with her otherwise she wouldn't be able to write or recognise them. I am glad I send her for the enrichment class, she started her hanyupinyin spelling earlier and the words were similar to what the school has given.

    My poor girl..... Having 2 听写 in a week but I am glad she is taking it very well. And she is getting more stickers from her school Chinese teacher too ;)


    Rachel.S said...

    Well Done L! : )

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