Friday, December 12, 2008


Since the beginning of this year, L had been asking if she could have a mobile phone. We had actually thought of only getting her one next year because in Primary 2, her academic time table will demand much longer hours in school and it is easier for her to contact us/ vice versa. We did look around for any suitable phone in advance but to no avail. All are meant for heavy user and it does not seem feasible or secure to get her a phone. Most important, I do not know who is talking to on the phone! My perception had totally changed after I had come across the M1 KIDSAFE.

What I like about KIDSAFE is - it allows me to remain contactable at all times with my girl. Previously, when I was unable to pick her from her enrichment or ballet classes punctually, it would really worry and frustrate me because I was unable to inform her.

Scams and unwanted calls were one of my few initial concerns but with KIDSAFE, I am able to manage all her calls and even SMS, i.e. I can preset and authorize the numbers that L can receive or call and to send messages as well. With this feature, I am already 100% at ease to sign up for her.

The next concern is the tendency that my girl will accidentally get access to those chargeable mobile services to download ring tones, pictures and games etc or even log on to the internet and that will choke up hefty bills! If I get them the KIDSAFE phone, I do not have to worry at all! KIDSAFE phone has internet restriction and thus, it minimize the chance of LZ being exposed to violent and pornographic contents.

Sounds great isn’t it? All you need is a Samsung SGH E200 mobile phone, a Special KIDSAFE SIM card and to subscribe to MI Sunshare Plan, at a monthly subscription fee of only $12.84. KIDSAFE will be free for 1 year, and $3 per month thereafter.

Even if you are not a M1 subscriber, it is ok too. For a non M1 user, monthly subscription fee for M1 D.I.Y. Plan starts from $16.05, KIDSAFE is available at a value added service at $3 per month. Of coz as a M1 subscriber, you have a better deal lah.You get free KidsSafe + Free talktime with kid becoz of the Sunshare Plan.

With all these great features, I will not hesitate to subscribe M1 KIDSAFE for L! So if you are looking for a mobile phone plan that will put you at ease, look no further – M1 KIDSAFE will definitely be the one! This will be a wonderful Christmas present for your love ones!


Angie said...

ahhhhhh!!!! you mean children are already holding on to a mobile phone at primary school already?

L is a responsible girl so i think it is ok to get her a mobile... but is this a norm in pri school? i am getting a culture shock!

blurblur said...

Same concern here...are they allowed to bring HPs to school? But this offer really sounds great, i'm so tempted to get one for Damien too..hehe..but not now lah.. :P

4MalMal said...

wow L must be thrill to be getting her own phone!

Jan said...

wow....this is really important and useful information you are sharing here.....thanks :)

little prince's mummy said...

Wow!~ got own mobile...

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