Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sunshine & Cloudy

Let me introduce our Newest Family members in LZfamily - Sunshine (L's pet, female) & Cloudy (Z's pet, male)! They are LZ's latest pets, hamsters! They named the pets themselves.

Cloudy & Sunshine

We have been thinking of what presents to get for LZ. In the end, I thought it would be a better idea to ask them what they would like. L wants to have a hamster and Z just wants a book and more Thomas & Friends trains. I told Z that jiejie is getting a hamster for her birthday and he decided that he wants that instead. I thought it would take me some time to persuade LZdaddy to let LZ have hamsters for their birthdays but he said yes without hesitation! I think he sees that LZ have been taking good care of Terro (their pet terrapin) for the past 2 years.

We went to Serangoon with godparents to visit a few pet shops and finally found one that has more selections on Syrian breed AND that doesn't push us to buy it. Thanks to godparents, otherwise clueless LZparents wouldn't know where to buy their The only thing I know is what breed I am planning to buy for them, we were looking at Syrian (my first choice coz LZ had tried handling it), Roborovski and Winter white.
choosing hamsters
Z choosing his hamster.

LZ had fun choosing their hamsters and the cage. Z insisted on having the one with only one color. L and I actually like the one which is black & one but I convinced her to take another one coz that one was way too active and I was afraid how she's going to handle it.

The shop owner teaching LZ how to set up the cage.

The cage is ready and LZ ready to transfer the hamsters. The hamsters were in the little bag in front of L.

After choosing their hamsters, we went over to another shop to get the cage and food. I like the service of this shop. The lady, Yvonne did not 'push' us to buy the hamster from her and she gave us plenty of advice on how to take care of the hamsters. From her, I found out the hamsters we bought are FIERCE! OOPS! She told us those with red eyes are fierce type of hamsters! Well, I do hope she is wrong....

They both wanted to have a cage each for their hamsters but I said no. So mean hor? They wanted that for their birthdays and I said no. razz Honestly, I am not sure how long their hamsters will survive under their care and didn't want to waste too much money. Knowing L, she will takes good care of Sunshine's cage and Z may not do a good job. So if I place both under one cage, L will definitely takes good care of both. When Beanie is born, I will definitely not have any time to help them at all.


Angie said...

wah~~ hamsters are cute! i like to play with them but i do not like to keep pets... it's good for kids to keep pets to cultivate their sense of responsibilty and love for animals.

The New Mom on the Blog said...

so nice of you to agree to this... maybe that's why they are such sensible and matured kids....learning to take care of 'others', loving them and carry that responsibility on their shoulders at this age ~ Wow!

3lilangels said...

That's a great birthday present - fun and educational too. I'm sure L and Z will take very good care of the hamsters.

Louisa May said...

what a wonderful gift ! i'm sure they would be excellent pet carers !

allthingspurple said...

great pets. all we have are gold fish. I guess it will be a few years before I let Kimberly own a pet yet.

crazymommy said...

Happy Birthday LZ!!

Btw, it is actually a good thing if you can get a separate cage for the hamsters unless you want more hamsters in a few months time. They reproduce rather fast!! :P

J@n!ce said...

Great buy for the kids!! I used to like hamster so much cos when I'm younger, my piano teacher house had 2 of them, totally fluffy & adorable :):)

blurblur said...

Hamsters! I am afraid of them...haha weirdo right? they remind me of mouse lah... :P

Oliveoylz said...

Cute names for cute pets! Am sure their new pets will bring them lots of happiness and a great way to teach them responsibility at a young age :) Btw, I love to see hamsters exercising in those wheels thingie...he he.

Wonderful Life said...

Guinea pigs more cute leh... but it's much bigger than hamsters.

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