Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Birthday Celebration

8th December

Actually, we did not plan to celebrate LZ's birthdays this year.... But changed my mind at the last minutes. Called our close friends the day before and told them that we booked a pit, and that was done at a last minute too.razz

It was a disappointing start of the day... sad It rained throughout! LZ asked when can they go to the beach.... I did not make any alternative plan. I was thinking if it continues to rain, we will have to cancel the whole thing. Food wise, we didn't prepare much as we have planned to buy it from the bbq wholesale center. I knew my kids would be very disappointed but I can't do anything about the rain... sad It was coming to 1 o'clock and I thought of canceling the whole thing. The wholesale center takes last order at 1.30pm....

Then godpa came up with an excellent plan! We will have our bbq at the fish & prawn farm! His friend runs the place and all we had to do was to give him a call! Yeah! biggrin Thank goodness it is godpa's friend, otherwise we are not allowed to bring outside food there to bbq. So LZdaddy rushed to buy the bbq stuffs and I called my friends to tell them about the last minute change. LZ were just as happy coz they got to do prawning again.biggrin

When we got there, it was still drizzling. It did not dampen LZ's mood at all! Phew! razz While some of us got ready for the bbq, godpa brought the children around for a little tour. They started playing and running around the place! LZ, Javier, Leonard & Louise had fun prawning too. I was the only one who caught a prawn and that bring some hope to the little ones that they might catch something but they did not... Nevertheless, the little ones had fun 'swinging' the rod! Hahaha...lol Next year, the group of children will be bigger, with 2 more joining in the fun. smile i.e. Chyene, Beanie and Shirley's little one.

Thank you to all my dear friends, especially godparents (leaving their little girl behind so they can celebrate with LZ) for being with us to celebrate LZ's birthday. Hope you guys had as much fun as we had. smile

Since now we celebrated their birthday in advance, we may not do anything special on their actual day then, which is on 12th Dec.


blurblur said...

Happy Birthday to L & Z in advance! :) Grow up healthy and happy!

Glad things turn out fine in the end...am sure LZ enjoyed themselves very much!

Michelle said...

both of them were born on the same day! normal birth or planned c-sec? my cousin bro birthday is 2moro too.

wishing both LZ a blessed birthday. :D

Ling That's Me said...

happy birthday in advance :)

3lilangels said...

Birthday on the same day! That's so special. Happy Birthday!

huisia said...

That's today..yeah..Happy Birthday to L and Z :)

icfamily5 said...

Wow..Birthday on the same day! Happy Birthday to L and Z.

The New Mom on the Blog said...

yeah!!! I'm not late!

Happy Birthday LZ!!!! The photos are fabulous!

hey girl, did you guys plan for their birthday to be on the same day?

Angie said...

happy birthday! 12th Dec is such a happy day for a civil servant... you know why? *wink*

Aces Family said...

hi LZmommy,

wow..great to know that LZ had a fun time with the love ones, inspite of the weather.

Share with you something: it seem to be a trend - always rain on Hari Raya holiday, so if it happen next year, try to avoid that day.: )


Health Freak Mommy said...

Happy birthday LZ! Wow, it's really a rare coincidence that both brother and sister of different age have birthdays on the same day!

4MalMal said...

so i m late! happy belated birthday to LZ!

Angeleyes said...

Happy Birthday to LZ!

kelly said...

Happy belated birthday to LZ!

Vivien said...

Happy belated birthday to LZ too!

Stay Healthy n Happy Always!

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