Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Secret of Party Science - Holiday Workshop

LZ went for a 3 hours holiday workshop while I can take a break.wink Personally, I like to sign them up for science workshop. It is a good introduction to them, let them learn more about science and most important, they had fun. smile

They chose to go for this, so obvious why isn't it?smile This programme is for children between the age of 5 - 10 yrs old.

"Lollipops Young Scientist - The Secret Of Party Science"
That's the secret! Learn about the science behind party tricks! Let your child create their own party tricks that they will obviously fall in love with. Let them experience the making of their first Fizz Bomb, Phuny foam etc.. ..."

They learned chemicals like sodium bicarbonate, carbon dioxide etc and make their own Fizz Bomb. They also learn what caused the bubbles and how does the party popper works - friction. They also each did a Party Panpipe - length of the pipe determines the sound, vibration etc.

I would have signed them up for more holiday workshops if Z did not get chicken pox last month and worried that L would get it too (hibernation period for chicken pox is abt 2 weeks). When I planned to signed them for one of the 3 days workshop it is fully booked! Haiz.... And that was the one that Z really wanted to go..


The New Mom on the Blog said...

I would sign them up too if it doesn't cost too much, but I guess I won't sign them up now... cos both are still not very interested in it... takes time I guess, so when they are ready, they will be in for lots of workshops! *wink*

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