Monday, December 01, 2008

Competitive Training - Swimming

My girl started her competitive swim training today! Before today, I have been asking her if she was sure she wants to join in as I know the training could be quite tough. She told me she really wants to join the training. Perhaps she would like to be her cousin, Roydon gorgor who is doing it too and she had seen the older ones during the training. Anyway, since now is school holiday, it is a good time for her try out to see if she can cope with the training. When school reopens, we will reschedule her weekly lesson.

L's 1st training

After having her weekly hour swim with their coach, she took a 15 minutes break (have her snacks). Uncle Joseph (who is her weekly coach as well as her competitive swim coach) got the things she needs for the training. It is not cheap man! $66 for all these (in pic). She was excited and

Initially, I thought she might not be able to concentrate as she is a very active girl and she might be playful when she joins in. I was soooo wrong! My sis praised her for being able to focus even after after an hour of weekly lesson and able to do as she was instructed. Uncle Joseph told her before the training starts that she will stops if she feels very tired but to my surprise, she did the full training. At times, the coach asked her to swim half lap instead and checked on her too.

So what was Z doing during that 2 hours? He played with his tamagotchi, gameboy and had his early dinner. I packed a bento for him and I forgot to take a pic of it. Once awhile, he kaypoh and see how jiejie's doing at the pool. smile

On our way home, I asked her if she likes to join in again. She excitedly told me she enjoys it though tiring and she would love to go for training again. smile


Vivien said...

All goes to show how determined L is to learn it!

Good learning attitude!

3lilangels said...

She's so focused and can swim so well. You must be very proud of her.

J@n!ce said...

She is so determined & keen in mastering those swimming skills. Well done L :)

The New Mom on the Blog said...

yeah! that's the best response you can get from a kid...*smile*

blurblur said...

She's got the right attitude in learning. Way to go, L! :)

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