Saturday, December 27, 2008

Beanie @ 31 Weeks & A Busy Day

Went for my checkup this morning and was hoping my doc has some medication for my eyes but she doesn't have. I did my blood count and was glad to know that it is at a satisfactory level, 12.6. It should be higher than this by the time I am ready to deliver him.

Beanie is very active! While Doc was scanning my tummy, he gave a few hard kicks and we all saw it! LZ were excited to actually see him in action! Z even told Doc that Beanie 'kicked' him on his face when he was trying to 'hear' him and not wanting to 'lose' out to his brother, L told doc the same thing.

Beanie's cir is now about 31cm and weighing about 2+kg. So happy that he is doing so well. Doc checked on my records and said his head cir may be as big as jiejie. She also mentioned that I did had a hard time back then trying to push her out, L's head cir was 36.

Time passes so fast! I have to confirm which hospital I intend to admit into, the class ward and the PD for Beanie. My nurse also reminded me the next checkup, they will be checking on Beanie's heartbeat.

At this stage, I think I am doing ok besides having the using aching here and there. Oh! I am feeling very heavy too. Compared to my previous 2 pregnancies, I don't eat as much. Too much stress and happenings during this pregnancy and I hope it does not affect Beanie being a HAPPY baby.... Meantime, I want to enjoy having Beanie inside me as much as possible...


After my checkup, we went for lunch. LZdaddy insisted that I go see the doc for my eye. As it was a Saturday, queue at the clinic was horrible! I waiting about 2 hours for my turn....

During my waiting time, I witnessed the ugly side of Human Being again... Why I didn't I say S'porean? Coz standing there and hearing them chatting, I know they were not locals. Yes all 6 of them seating on the bench (some were waiting outside or standing too)! From what I understand, half of them that was on the bench were accompanying their friends. That means they were not sick right? So why are they sitting there? I happened to meet my friend there, she was carrying her child and I, a pregnant woman were standing there. NONE gave up their seats to us! Haiz....I think this is not the first time I mentioned this...


As soon as I visited the doc, we left LZ at my BIL's house and we went to visit my Dad. Seeing him on the bed makes my heartache... He was once a strong man and now lying on the bed, unable to move his left side of his body and his speech was slurring....

Nurses was unable to tell us much except that he did an MRI scan and the result was he suffered a stroke. They were supposed to do another detailed scan for him but because it was a weekend, he will have to wait till Monday. Yes, his doc is off till Monday.. He is still in the observation ward.

He was awake when we went to visit him and I can tell he was happy that we were there. I think his state of mind is quite blur... At times he told me things that happened months back and at times his mind is so clear. I am so glad to know he has such strong will power and was doing exercise that the physio asked him to. Mom told me it is alright even if I don't visit him as he understands that I am preggie now and have to take care of LZ. Knowing that whenever we need someone to take care of LZ, it would him and my Mom. Thanks Mom & Dad for your understanding....

I appreciate what LZdaddy did.... He helped me massaged my dad and when my Dad refused to use the diaper, he assisted the nurse to undress my Dad to use the urinal, helped my dad to sit on the cushioned chair when he asked for that. I'm not sure if all son-in-laws do such thing for their FIL.... But I was so touched by his action. No wonder my Dad loves you so much...

Thank you all for leaving comments and showing your concern for my dad... Daddy, get well soon... Your grandchildren have been asking about you and little Beanie would love to have you hold him when he is born.

I think my in-laws side and LZ know how tired we both were.... LZ told us that they want to stay with Ah Ma and my BIL told us they will be glad to take care of LZ for the night. Yes, we are tired... Physically & mentally, I am tired.


blurblur said...

Take care need lotsa rest...and do keep us posted of Uncle's progress...when you are not too tired to update, that is. *big hugs*

Aces Family said...

hi LZmommy,

Glad that uncle has strong will and i think family encouragement is very important.

It will be a trying period for you,esp now that you are near your due date, must take good care.

LZ is always so guai..and aunty astee is so proud of them.


Angeline said...

*huge hug* I can imagine the emotional tireness and the physical tireness you are going through now... jiayou! not easy with that big tummy... jiayou!

huisia said...

Hope your dad gets well soon.
I hate to take public transport too as nobody willing to give seat to me, sigh, a very pity pregnant woman.

Happy New Year to you and your family!

ten3001 said...

hope ur dad recovers soon! heart pain to see our parents starting to age and their health not as robust as before hor.

u take care too! must be tiring for u! i cant wait to see lil beanie. see ya soon in school!


crazymommy said...

Sorry to read that your dad had a stroke. I hope he is doing better now. Do take care of yourself and wish everything will be better for the new year.

Happy New Year!

Angie said...

Hi Jane,
have a good rest as and when you have the opportunity. i can understand your heartache... hope your dad will recover soon! I am sure the docs will take good care of him!

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