Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Party & Justin's Birthday

LZ attended the church Christmas Party and as usual, their blur mommy got the timing wrong and they were half hour late. L immediately looked for Rachel and joined the primary school children and Z was 'stuck' with me coz he fell asleep on the way there and he was grouchy. He joined in when it was art & craft time.

Xmas party @ Church
This year what they did for craft time was meaningful, they wrapped hampers for the old folks.
Justin's Bday

After the Christmas party, we went over to my Aunt place for gathering coz it was Justin 2nd birthday! Justin is sooo adorable & chubby! I'm gonna miss him when they go back to Italy next year..... LZ had lots of fun with him and they were in their uncle Nic's room most of time. I think there were more than 6 kids hanging out on his bed alone. Why? Cos he has all the fun stuffs in there! Xbox, psp, computer etc... Hahaha....


Angeline said...

Wrapping for Old folks?! That's a super nice thing to do.... So now, LZ cares for Daddy, Mommy, Beanie and their pets, now for old folks too! *clap clap clap*

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