Friday, December 12, 2008

On Their Birthdays...

I planned to bring them to Downtown East for a day of fun but my LZ rather go to Time Zone! They are so easy to please! biggrin We went to MacDonald for lunch, upon their request and they got free toys since they had the kiddy meal.

Lunch @ Mac
Enjoyed their meal at MacDonald!

Craft time
Craft time!

After a good meal, we went to do art & craft and followed by Time Zone. Needless to say, they went straight to their favourite machines, Dino Land and Love & Berry. After spending some time to 'collect' their cards, we went on to play other games. Blessed Mum and her 3 babies came by to wish LZ 'Happy Birthday'. How sweet! The girls were happy to see each other after a week break.

LZ had lots of fun on the 'simulator'.

We continued with games till Godparents came over to meet us to pass Z's his pressie and we spent some time with them. Thank you my dear friends! smile You should see how unglam Z was! He squatted down with godpa and opened his pressie! AND he started playing with his new toy, Bakugan! That is Z's latest craze! L and I were more interested to play with Chyene and chat with
@jack's place

It was tiring for Z and me coz we got to rush home to pick up his piano lesson bag and went off for his lesson while L stayed with godparents. After his lesson, we meet up with LZdaddy to have dinner. You know, when you have 2 kids birthdays on the same day, it is not easy to please both. L wanted to have dinner at Jack's Place and Z wanted it at Sushi Teh. In the end, they played a game of scissor, paper & stone to decide. L won and we went to Jack's Place. Thank gooodness Z is a easy to please We promised him an ice cream after dinner and he is happy! biggrin

As we have promised LZ that we will get them books for their birthdays, we went over to Borders to choose what they wanted. Z already made up his mind that he wants to have a book on HAMSTERS! Which really surprised me! surprised He told me he wants to read more on it to take good care of his pet. For L, she wants more books from the Magic Tree House series so we bought that for her. smile Looks like my babies chose something that they both can share.

By the time dinner ended, we were all very tired... We had to cancel the plan to watch a movie. Both my little ones fell asleep even before LZdaddy drove out from the carpark. Babies, Happy Birthday to both of you! Both of you are my precious little ones that bring so much joy and laughter to us! We LOVE BOTH OF YOU VERY MUCH!

LZ with cakes

When we got home, both remembered we bought 2 small cakes for them and stayed awake a little while more so they can blow candles I just find it weird not to blow candles and sing birthday song on the actual day. Anyway, my babies love this idea too!razz

Oh! Before I forget, some of you were asking if I planned to deliver them on the same day. No, smile Z decided to come out a few days earlier to join his jiejie on this very special day. It was NATURAL birth. We actually expected him to be an overdue baby coz L was. Doc told me that chances were high that Z would be late since jiejie came out a few days past her due date but I think he would rather have the same birth date as jiejie.wink I remembered the nurses were more excited than us, they kept looking at the time! Hahaha... lol


Angeline said...

Mommy, you have made your children truly happy! not just by what you do, but by making them smile, no matter what you do, especially on this special day...

I really think Z will make a very good husband in future! *wink*

And L is getting prettier!!!

huisia said... first i really thought that you purposely planned the birth date...seems like L and Z have "yuan fen". :)

Vyvy said...

ohh u mean ur L and Z were both born on the same day?? how cool!!! happy b-day L & Z !!

Jan said...

yes, I's all fated....looking at their photos, I can't help it but feel that L has grown alot, she looks more like a young lady, no longer a little kid and pretty too! heehee

Like we always say, have have very sensible kids....

3lilangels said...

It's so wonderful and special to share a same birthday. Look at how happy they are, doing the things that they like on their birthday. Pray that they will continue to grow in the image of God!

Angeleyes said...

Wouldn't it be cool if I can have my #2 to share the same birthday with my #1 huh? ;P

You are so lucky to have your kids sharing the same birthday!

NomadicMom said...

Waaa...Birthdays on the same day. That would be quite nice....or perhaps hectic if mommy has to have two separate parties..a girly one and a macho one!!!

Oliveoylz said...

How nice and coincidental that LZ share the same birthdate! Happy belated bday L&Z...btw, love their cakes...

Jacss said...

i'm shock to know that yr kids shared d same birth date...similar fate to twins except in diff year??
this is so rare & priceless.
happy belated b'day both sweeties!!
in the last photo, they looked so alike!! stay healthy & happy!!

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