Friday, April 09, 2010

Bent #181 - Lunch

 In the container: Chicken porridge & watermelon.

老二 asked for Chicken porridge for his packed lunch today and that makes my cooking easy.

Some time ago, LZdaddy bought a pink container for L and couldn't get the green one for Z.  He went to a few supermarkets and managed to get this green one in time for today's bento.   Green is Z's favourite colour.

LZdaddy 真的是一个二十四孝爸爸!


tona-mama said...


This is such an interesting container! The divider separates completely or just placed on top only?

Tks for advise! :)

p/s : saw your new lunchboxes..i wanted the frog but was OOS.. aft seeing your yellow bear..a bit tempted! :)

Love your bentos, they are so nice and such an inspiration! Don know wat to put in, jus need to look at your blog! Tks for sharing! :)

God Bless!

LZmommy said...


Thanks for your sweet comment :) I will try my best to make more bento but have been busy with my new helper lately.

This container is fantastic! You may want to consider getting one too if you want to pack porridge or noodle soup. You can separate the the divider completely when you want to pack a bigger portion :)

I wanted to get the frog too, I thought that was nicer but none of my kids wants that :(

tona-mama said...


You are most welcome!! It's true!!

Wa, no easy to settle a new helper. Pray you find all the strength and wisdom to help you! :)

Hey, the container sounds good!! Where can I get them... I remembered you said NTUC? I cant find it.. how does it look like on the outside?

Have u seen the BP ones? Quite cute too hor but don think so special like the one u have can separate?

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