Thursday, April 08, 2010

Injury Again!

Z hurt himself again!  Though it is not as bad as his fractured injury, it hurt to see him in pain....

I was about to go pick L from school, Z wanted to follow and I told him better hurry to get ready.  I want to be there early so as to get a parking lot, otherwise, I will have to park outside the school and Beanie will have to walk under the hot weather.

Funny thing is that none of my Babies like to be home alone with the helper so whenever I go out, I have 3 of them with me unless LZdaddy is at home..  I asked them why and they told me they rather go out with me.

Anyway, back to the incident...  Z rushed out from his room and ran towards the living room.  I was wearing shoes for Beanie and heard a loud bang!  He fell and hurt his mouth at the corner of the coffee table!  He was bleeding!  I can't even see whether he hurt his lips, teeth or the gum.

 Sweet little baby brother wanted to climb up the bed to hug Z.  But I told him to let gorgor rest.  So he tried to hug him from the side of the bed.

He let me clean up the blood and I managed to convince him to rinse his mouth so I can see better.  His gum and lips was still bleeding.  Thankfully, none of his teeth drop! But his lips was very swollen to the extend that he can't even close his mouth properly.  In the evening, it was tough for him to have dinner but he dare not complain coz he knows it was his fault that such an incident happen.

Needless to say, he didn't follow me to the school.  He was still napping when I got home.  I hope my boy will be more careful...  It hurt to see him injured again and again...


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