Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Little Helper

That what little Beanie does when he sees LZ's bento bags.  He helps them whenever he sees them 'dump' it on the floor once they come out from school.  And he helps them carry it as soon as he comes out from the car and heading towards the lift. Both happily pass the bags to him since there is someone to carry it for them.  Think my neighbours know when we are back home coz of their laughter. 

At home, if he sees their clothes on the floor, he either ask them pick it up (using his baby language) or pick it up and pass it to them or pass it to our helper.  So sweet of him right?  Not only that!  If he sees something on the floor, he will pick it up too.  Awww...  Love him so much! 


Beautiful Love said...

wowow beanie is such a dear!

Good habits starts young! Bravo!

blurblur said...

He's the same as my botak!!!! Hehe...always glad to be the 'helper' of the family... :)

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