Sunday, April 04, 2010

LZ @ Bentendo Pasta & Cafe

We have passed by this cafe many times and I have always wanted try out the food, but we never did...  I'm glad we had our dinner there tonight, the food and service was fantastic!

The pic on the left 2nd row is my main course, pasta soup. When I told LZdaddy I wanted to order that, he commented that it is weird to have pasta soup.  He took back what he said coz it was yummylicious!  My babies tried it and they like it! Even little Beanie asked for more!  Haha... The rest of the main courses that we ordered were yummy too!

We will definitely go there again as Great World City is one of the mall that we like.


Aces Family said...

Hi LZmommy,

yes, we were at the Iluma outlet a few weeks back...their food is really good hor..i like their curry guys didn't order the ice-cream...i mean the BIG One..hehe.


LZmommy said...

we have another thing in common! :) We like the cafe! Hehe!

You mean the one Z ate wasn't the BIG one? I thought that was a BIG portion. Next time when we are there, will check out the one u mentioned ;)

Angeline said...

we love Great World City too, not so crowded... we are not the 'crowd' kind of people.

Allan likes pasta and his birthday is coming... maybe this might be a good option. *wink* Thank you.

blurblur said...

we have always wanted to try out this restaurant but never get to do it...Damien told me this restaurant is own by Ben10.. haha... :P I guess we will try out very soon...thanks for sharing.. :)

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