Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mr Woofy & Beanie

Meet Mr woofy!  Beanie's sleeping companion.

Most of the times, I have always been nursing him for nap or bedtime, till he falls asleep.  Since Beanie is in a very good mood this afternoon, I decided to try letting him sleep on his own.

I put him down with Woofy on the bed and told him Woof want to nap with him and he needs hug.   Beanie hugged Woofy and turned to his side (pic).  Then he turned and gave me a smile and back to hugging Woofy.  I sang 2 songs for him and walked out of the room.  Few minutes later when I checked on him, he fell asleep!  AND he was still hugging Woofy!   Yeah!

 I nursed him after he woke up from his nap and praised him for being such a good boy.   It is a good start!  Hopefully he can get used to this new routine.    For night time, I still love the idea of him falling asleep in my arms. 


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