Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Beanie & His Corn

Sometimes for lunch, I steam corn cob for LZ and never thought of giving to Beanie.  I thought he was too young to know how to eat it on his own.

But today, when he saw the corn cob, he pointed at it and insisted on trying it.   I always hope that my kids will be more adventurous when comes to food.  Since he asked for it, I gave it to him.  He has 8 teeth and I thought why not?

He enjoys it and didn't want to waste any bits of it!  My older ones were controlling themselves not to laugh, knowing that I will posting this video in their blog.  They think he was so cute when he eats it.  They have to hide the rest of the corns coz they want it all to themselves! Hahaha...


blurblur said...

hehe...can see that he really enjoy eating the corn... so cute!! :)

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