Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bento #185 & #186- Caterpillar & Ladybug

Z's Bento - #185
In the box: Pooh shaped mango, kiwi, prawn paste chicken wings, beans rolled with carrot, rice & crabsticks.

L's Bento - #186
In the box: HK shaped mango, kiwi, rice, prawn paste chicken wings,  crabsticks and broccoli.

Both bento consist almost the same thing except that Z has beans coz he doesn't like broccoli.  He will only eat that if we are at home.  Usually for his bento I use beans, peas, asparagus or spinach which I know he will eat it without me around.

I decided to prepare a bento for Z today since I am preparing for L.. My boy saw the caterpillar I prepared for L the other day and said he wants one too.  They had their lunch outside the school before L went for her extra lesson in school.

I spent quite a lot of time preparing the 2 sets. I didn't want L to have caterpillar again so I did a ladybug for her.  Hmmm... I like what I did today and LZ can tell what they were. And these bento-s are my favourites too!


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