Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bento #184 - Lunch

Top tier: Corn, fish tofu & peaches.  Bottom tier:  Rice, sugar beans and stir fried pork.  Her FIRST lunchbox note (insert)

This is one of my favourite bento-s! I usually make a bear shaped or a girl's face for my princess so this time I thought of making a caterpillar. I didn't tell her it was a caterpillar and she got it right! I mixed the rice with denbu to make it pinky and rolled into balls.  The little flowers are Japanese fishcakes.

This is also the FIRST time I wrote a lunchbox note for her and she was very happy.  I know she was a little jealous the last time she saw me writing a note for Z.  I explained to her that every time after preparing the bento, I didn't have time to write the note.  So this time, I wrote the note before I prepare it.  I thought of writing a note to go with their bento-s quite some time ago but never do it till now.  Lazy mommy! 


Angie said...

this is an awesome creation!!!!

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