Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beanie @ 14 Months Old

♥ At 14 months old, I think Beanie is progressing well.  He is teething again coz he puts his fingers in his mouth very often lately.  I could see his gum swell a little...
♥ He enjoys eating unless he is not feeling well.
♥ He is slowly showing his preference when comes to food.  Nowadays, he doesn't like porridge so I seldom cook that for him.
♥ He loves to flip through books and he can spend abt 5 mins on his own flipping through it. I hope he will enjoys reading as much as his siblings.
♥ He enjoys kiddy rides and gets excited when he sees one.
♥  On 1st April - I left my hp in their room, my phone rang and I didn't hear it.  I was surprised when Beanie passed it to me when it rang!
♥ He loves making loud noises!!  He uses whatever is in his hands during meal time and starts banging!  I try not to let him do it as I worry it will become a bad habit of his.
♥ For nap time, sometimes he will be able to sleep on his own hugging Woofy.


MamaJ said...

Your beanie sounds like our kid... Teething, banging, and not liking porridge! ;)

Oliveoylz said... nice he's found himself a comfort toy...Mr Woofy!

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