Monday, April 12, 2010

Bento #182 (2 sets) - Lunch

In the boxes: Cold soba, quail eggs, mini crab cream, grapes and strawberries. Soba sauce & mayo for Z are not in the pic.

It is no fun preparing 4 bento-s in the morning!  I will be posting their 2nd sets of bento in the next post. It was a mad rush and my kitchen was in a mess!  I can't prepare my bento-s in the dining area (which is my usual place where I arrange the food) as LZ were having their breakfast there.

So there's no cute bento for them on Mondays.  Sometimes they do ask for food that needs more time to prepare and I have to say no.  But sometimes I can't bear to say no when they say "Pleaseeeeee!"  For instance today, hey want to have cold noodles.  So I have to think of easier bento for the 2nd recess and also food that will 'survive' for hours.

The reason they have their lunch for 1st recess is they told me they usually can't finish their lunch bento-s, which is about  2 hours later.  So I decided to let them have their lunch for 1st recess and a lighter snack for 2nd recess.  When I do that, they don't waste any food at all.


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