Friday, April 30, 2010


I am VERY PROUD of my 老二!  He got his very FIRST badge - ATTENTIVENESS!  After a term, the form teacher select the students whom she thinks deserve the badges and she will hand over the list to the Character Education teacher.  The badges are then given out by him. 

Z kept his promise to me and to himself.  When he was in K2, he saw his sister had 5 badges and told me that he wanted to get it too.  I must stress it here that I do not pressure my children to get any of these.   He also said that he wants me to be very proud of him and he said his teachers praise him very often.  So far, he seems to be doing very well in school and I will know more when it is time for PTM. 

Yes!!  My rascal, mommy is very PROUD of you!


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