Friday, July 18, 2008

LZ Latest Craze

These are the game cards they collected when they played at Time Zone. Left album belongs to L and the other one, Z.

Before I got them the album, they often bring it with them (most of the time) when we go out. I think that they are hoping that we will go to Time Zone. Some of the cards looks worn out after some time, espcially Z's. He bring it along even when we go pick L from school. I was glad that I found the card albums at Popular book

The one that L likes is sort of like dress up game. The girls are Love & Berry. Using the cards she has, she will dress either one according to the game mode she chose and then play the rhythm & dancing game. It is also a contest on how you dressed them up. Z's game is easy too. There are 3 different type of dino cards, character card, master card & battle card. He just have to slide whichever cards they ask you and start the games of scissor, paper & stone.

Besides these, LZ are still crazy over the same stuffs. L - Winx club, High School Musical & Hannah Montana. Z - Thomas, Teen Titans & Ben10. There are other character that they like too but that's all I can remember for now. Kids are lucky... I don't remember playing these games at their age...


Angie said...

wah~~ is that a lot of money spent on the cards?

I dont know why, but jaimie loves to watch the other "card game" in the arcade "Mushi King"-- the gigantic beetle thingy.

The New Mom on the Blog said...

I just saw the game machines yesterday and now you are blogging about it...what a coincidence!

allthingspurple said...

you know what. i think Kimberly and L should write to each other and exchange those duplicate cards that they have. ha ha. i see Kimberly exchanging hers with other girls at the machines sometimes.
Is the album love and berry album? i cant find anything like that in our popular. maybe you can show us a pic of the album if its not too imposing?

J@n!ce said...

That looks like a lot of money spent at the game arcade? Nice collection of their fav cards I see they would look back when they are older :)

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