Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Can Write! - Z

Z is able to write his Class name - Hope! He was very happy! "Mommy! I can write!" I was hoping the 1st word would be his name but it turn out to be his class name. Nevertheless, I'm happy that he is showing interest. :)

I have been doing the dot dots for his worksheets and he will trace it. Then I decided that he should try writing it and since he has been practicing his writing skills with the assessment books that I've bought for him. Recently I bought those 笔划 books for him since he always ask for more homework. Plan to let him start writing it during this week school holiday.

As for his chinese, he still need lots of practice. He brought home 1 of his reading books from school and 老师 said he needs more practice on it. Of coz I will not force him if he doesn't want to. I will usually ask him or when he picks up a book and ask me to read with him.


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