Thursday, March 15, 2007

Time For Shopping

After staying at home for the past few days, I decided to bring LZ out for shopping. They have been playing their V.Smile games (finally opened 1 of their birthday gifts), watching TV and doing homework.

I was alone with LZ shopping at Vivo City and my friends wonder how I survived.... We did my shopping first then we went to Toy"R" Us. They were very well behaved and I was proud of them. We bought some cookie cutters from Daiso & I managed to buy a pair of shoes for myself! I bought more V.Smile games for them too.

It was great that nowadays I can bring LZ out without hassle. When I told L that mommy having a headache, she said "mommy, let's go home and you can rest. We can shop again other time." Then she turn towards didi, "Didi, we go home ok? Mommy not feeling well." That was so sweet of my girl.... Yes, we will definitely do it again..... :)


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